I received an amazing gift when I was only three years old…a gift that has served me well all my life. Now I want to share that gift with you.

When I was three, the family friend who watched me while mom worked, taught me to sew. Not just those shoestring-and-cardboard sewing cards, but real needle and thread and fabric.

Mrs. Fitzgerald and I made clothes for her daughter’s Barbies. I learned pattern design by draping fabric, sewing, hemming, even how to put in a snap closure.

Later, I expanded these skills significantly on my own – everything from pattern making to quilting, and you can, too.

But first, you and I will start at the beginning – hand sewing. It’s the root of fancy embroidery and quilt-making, and the way they made clothing for thousands of years.

Are you ready?

Are you excited?

Great! Let’s get going!

Our first lessons are already posted over at The School of Lost Arts…see you there!

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