There is a hunger in the world today.

People are growing tired of living in a throw-away society.

But everywhere they turn, they see more of the same – shoddy workmanship, cheap materials, faulty designs. Nothing is made to last anymore.

There is a way to get off the treadmill of living this way.

It is the way our great-grandparents, and their grandparents before them, lived.

We can make a better life for ourselves by returning to many of the skills that we, as a society, have forgotten over time.

We can make things with pride in their construction. We can make things that last. We can fix things that break. And, by consuming fewer “throw-away” items, we can save money for the things that truly matter in our lives.

Vacations with our families.

Experiences the children will remember the rest of their lives.

We can live in a more sustainable manner, using up fewer of the earth’s resources.

We can have a better quality of life.

Even if you think you aren’t creative, you can learn these skills. I started learning when I was three – and believe me, if a three year old can do this, you can, too!

Come explore with me, as you learn to Make It With Pam!


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